Östersund Library

Here you can borrow books and periodicals, music and films. Sit down at one of our computers, and connect to our wireless network.

Look at exciting exhibitions on the Square, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the atrium, or have some coffee and cake in the café. Whatever you choose to do, you’re always welcome.

Östersund Library is located on Rådhusgatan just above the bus terminal. There are also libraries in Brunflo, Torvalla and Lit, as well as om our Library Bus.

The same library card is valid at all of these libraries. In addition, you can borrow a book at one of the libraries and return it at another branch.

Map of Östersund Library’s books

Contact Östersunds bibliotek

Google map showing the location of Östersunds bibliotek.
Address: Rådhusgatan 25-27 831 82 Östersund
Phone: +46 63-14 30 50

Opening hours

  1. Jan 13
    1. 12:00-16:00
  2. Jan 14
    1. 09:00-20:00
  3. Jan 15
    1. 09:00-20:00
  4. Jan 16
    1. 09:00-20:00
  5. Jan 17
    1. 09:00-20:00
  6. Jan 18
    1. 09:00-18:00
  7. Jan 19
    1. 11:00-16:00